20 Sorts Of Glue (And How They Are Used)


Bonding wood in the workshop


Through the years, glues have grown to turn out to be crucial gear in houses and colleges.

You’ll be able to to find them in artwork and craft classes, and even in carpentry for containing in combination items of picket.

Glues don’t seem to be most effective handy in minor packages, however they lengthen to puts similar to a health facility to hide affected person wounds and in large industries to carry in combination digital tools.

There are a dozen varieties of glue in the market, every with a particular function, however some have more than one makes use of.

Proceed studying to determine the categories and advantages of various glues to be had.


20 Sorts Of Glue (And How They Are Used)

A closeup shot of spilled glue with a red container


You might have a minimum of come throughout an adhesive someplace within the workplace or at your kid’s college. Some glues have more than one makes use of, whilst others serve a particular function.

Conventional workplace glues and superglues are very easily to be had in native retail outlets.

They’re the commonest, however listed here are others in case you have no longer come throughout.


1. Wooden Glue 

Elmer's Products, Inc E7000 Carpenters Wood Glue, 4 Fl oz , Yellow

Elmer’s Merchandise, Inc E7000 Carpenters Wooden Glue, 4 Fl ounces , Yellow 


Wooden glues are generally in house furnishings and lots of picket buildings.

The glues cling items of picket in combination, which a chippie can fasten additional by way of drilling in a nail.

Relying on the kind of picket product you have got, picket glue can take care of a excellent cling for a very long time.

Polyurethane, disguise and epoxy glues are the commonest picket glues as a result of they’ve a floor that temporarily binds two picket items in combination.

The standard of picket and the aim of the product below development resolve the kind of picket glue to make use of.

On the other hand, the commonest function of any picket glue is that it’s sturdy, water resistant, and covers all of the small gaps in picket items.

Normally, picket glues require some reinforcement earlier than their power kicks in.

After atmosphere the glue, you’ll be able to force in a nail to lend a hand the glue remedy to have an everlasting cling at the picket.


2. Craft Glue

Bearly Art Precision Craft Glue - The Original - 4fl oz - Tip Kit Included - Dries Clear - Metal Tip - Wrinkle Resistant - Flexible and Crack Resistant - Strong Hold Adhesive - Made in USA

Bearly Artwork Precision Craft Glue – The Unique – 4fl ounces – Tip Equipment Incorporated – Dries Transparent – Steel Tip – Wrinkle Resistant – Versatile and Crack Resistant – Robust Grasp Adhesive – Made in USA 


Craft glues are standard workplace, college, and residential commodities.

Then again, they move by way of the title white glue.

Their function is to place in combination papers in artwork and craft categories or carry card sheets in combination.

Water is the principle factor in craft glues, and generally, they appear to be a thick paste of clear water.

They’ve no toxins, making them protected round babies.

Whilst within the workplace, they lend a hand cling items of paperwork in combination as a result of they’re clear.

They’re additionally simple at the hand, as they arrive out with a snappy wash, not like superglues.

The applying of craft glue is modest.

You’re taking a bottle filled with the fabric and moderately paste it on a sheet of paper.

In case your goal is to carry two items of paper in combination, take every other piece of paper and paste the glue on it.

Convey the 2 papers in combination, and the glue will bind some mins later.


3. Glitter Glue

Elmer's 638458774473 Washable Glitter Glue, 6 oz Bottles-6 Colors, Green/Pink/Purple/Red/Yellow/Blue, 36 Fl Oz

Elmer’s 638458774473 Washer-friendly Glitter Glue, 6 ounces Bottles-6 Colours, Inexperienced/Red/Crimson/Pink/Yellow/Blue, 36 Fl Oz. 


Glitter glue is a fun-filled adhesive particularly made for school-going youngsters.

Children love glossy issues, and past colours, glitter glue offers their paintings a extra glossy attraction.

The title glitter already explains a lot of what this glue can accomplish.

Like glitter garments, when implemented, it offers a drawing challenge colourful highlights.

Glitter glue is available in quite a few colours.

Past youngsters’s paintings, glitter glue can assist in making your family glance prettier.

You’ll be able to use it round the home to offer it that colourful attraction.

The use of glitter glue is as simple as the usage of crayons.

Come to a decision on what challenge you wish to have to make use of the glue for and get started getting ingenious.

The glittery sense of the glue will do the remainder.


4. Polyurethane

Varathane 200261H Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane, 8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Satin Finish

Varathane 200261H Water-Based totally Final Polyurethane, 8 Fl Oz. (Pack of one), Satin End 


Despite the fact that the fabric is an crucial a part of some adhesives, polyurethane is a water resistant part that withstands top power when implemented to pieces by itself.

You’ll be able to purchase it simply in software retail outlets in the community.

Independently, it could possibly lend a hand bond picket, steel, glass, tiles, bricks, and rubber.

It additionally works smartly for bonding porous surfaces that want extra paintings.

Its long-lasting nature, coupled with flexibility, makes it much more treasured for pieces similar to rubber and plastic that once in a while want to stretch below power.

The glue additionally settles temporarily like superglue, making it a excellent selection when doing a large challenge.

Like epoxy, the glue is available in two portions, the place it’s a must to combine one with the opposite in particular quantities to get the most efficient of each.

Environment polyurethane on picket calls for no experience.

On the other hand, relating to tasks like tile atmosphere, or repairing the furnishings, depart the applying to knowledgeable.


5. Glue Dots

Glue Dots Double-Sided Craft Dots, 1/2'', Clear, Roll of 200 (08165E)

Glue Dots Double-Sided Craft Dots, 1/2”, Transparent, Roll of 200 (08165E) 


Glue dots are small rolls or sheets that lend a hand to mend pieces on partitions or different puts you want to impose an object on every other.

They arrive in pairs and paintings as a work of gum fixated on a work of paper and put on a wall.

On the other hand, not like gum, they simply come off and last more.

Glue dots are available quite a few sizes and styles.

In addition they have other adhesive strengths.

Some are double-sided, providing 360 levels adhesive homes, whilst others most effective protected some particular pieces on one facet.

Steadily, the dots lend a hand protected paper, plastic, foam, and glass.

Hanging them is simple; you most effective want to learn the care package deal and the guide.


6. Power Delicate Adhesive (PSA)

3M 72 Pressure Sensitive Spray Adhesive, Blue 17.3 Net Ounces, Aerosol Can

3M 72 Power Delicate Spray Adhesive, Blue 17.3 Internet Oz., Aerosol Can 


PSAs don’t are available bizarre applications noticed in different glues; they’re in most cases in sheets.

The glue is amongst the ones you’ll be able to safely stay round the home.

They are able to fasten footage at the refrigerator or put a notice at the wall simply.

On the other hand, PSAs don’t seem to be as sturdy as superglues, that means they can’t cling heavy fabrics like steel and heavy plastic in position.

When compared, they’re like craft glues that cling gentle subject matter in combination, like sheets of paper on a refrigerator.

Different makes use of of the glue are in youngsters’s artwork and design tasks.

They are able to lend a hand fasten drawings at the wall for show or put labels on tables and chairs in school rooms.

As soon as an artwork and craft lesson is over, lecturers can simply pluck the fabric mounted by way of a PSA glue with out grime or unpleasant marks left at the back of.

When the usage of, simply use it on the again of a work of paper and position it at the house of pastime.


7. Spray Glue

Loctite 2235317 13.5OZ M Spray Adhesive, 1 Pack, Clear, 13

Loctite 2235317 13.5OZ M Spray Adhesive, 1 Pack, Transparent, 13 


Spray glues have more than one makes use of.

They’ve packages in colleges, houses, and places of work.

The glue works on more than one cast surfaces.

You’ll be able to use it in places of work, colleges, and houses for:

  • Becoming a member of picket in an artwork challenge
  • Fastening plastics
  • Adorning school rooms in a faculty
  • Repairing furnishings
  • DIY tasks


A commonplace function of spray glue is that it ages smartly; it’s going to take care of its clear, shiny glance for a very long time.

The glue is available in other configurations to mend the sunshine and heavy-duty subject matter.

For bizarre DIY tasks, spray glue for gentle use will do.

You’ll be able to additionally opt for heavy-duty spray glues that experience a more potent cling on such things as plastic and metals.


8. Epoxy

Loctite Epoxy Five Minute Instant Mix 0.47-Fluid Ounce Syringe (1365868)

Loctite Epoxy 5 Minute Speedy Combine 0.47-Fluid Ounce Syringe (1365868) 


Epoxy calls for mavens to remedy them right into a constituent adhesive, although it’s worthwhile to have some for a private DIY challenge.

You can’t use them simply in houses or school rooms for basic functions as a result of they require two portions for his or her adhesive sense to turn on.

It takes so much to lead them to paintings as a result of they arrive in two portions.

The primary a part of epoxy glue is the resin, which fits right into a hardener that makes it a thick paste that may cling picket, plastic, or marble.

The general paste works like some other multipurpose glue on other fabrics.

What makes this glue tick is the power to fill gaps and robust adhesion.

The power is at its fullest when the hardener and the resin in the end settle.

Earlier than software, take your time to know the way to combine the 2 portions of the glue.

When purchasing, the 2 portions come in combination.


9. Material Glue

Aleenes Fabric Fusion Adhesive, 8-Ounce

Aleenes Material Fusion Adhesive, 8-Ounce 


Material glues are outstanding, as they paintings smartly to mend worn-out denims or uphold the integrity of outdated upholstery.

Maximum glues to be had in native retail outlets can’t cling torn materials smartly.

Because of this this can be a specialised product.

For your native material store, you’ll be able to to find other material glues.

Every glue within the magnificence additionally has a singular function, however none lets in water via.

So, you’ll be able to simply wash your clothes after making use of the glue.

You additionally shouldn’t have to fret about mobility after the usage of the glue; it could possibly bend simply with out affecting the integrity of the adhesive.

When hanging the glue for your fabric, first learn the directions, as some include a singular approach of pasting.

For instance, the webbing sort calls for a steam iron to soften it earlier than placement for your material.

On the other hand, for almost all, you put them like bizarre craft glue.


10. Scorching Glue

AdTech W220-34ZIP30 Hot Glue Sticks, 30-Pack of Non-Yellowing, Clear, 30 Count

AdTech W220-34ZIP30 Scorching Glue Sticks, 30-Pack of Non-Yellowing, Transparent, 30 Rely 


Scorching glue works in a similar fashion to liquid glues, most effective that it comes packaged in cast shape.

Out of the field, the cast blocks are pointless except heated to a liquid.

As soon as changed into a liquid, the glue can cling plastics, picket, and any subject matter.

On the other hand, you can not bind steel the usage of this glue.

Its power when dry, first motion, and sturdiness make it get up towards bizarre superglue for standard house packages.

On the other hand, at the turn facet, the adhesive can temporarily harm your hands if by chance left to dry there.

Glue blocks on this magnificence are available many sizes and styles.

The applying of sizzling glue wishes knowledgeable or an skilled individual.

When purchased, sizzling glue is within the type of cast translucent sticks, that have 0 adhesive assets.

Activating the adhesive nature of the fabric calls for a glue gun.

Separately, position the cast glue into the gun and paste it at the gadgets you wish to have to bond.


11. Tremendous Glue

Super Glue 15187 , Clear- pack of 12

Tremendous Glue 15187 , Transparent- pack of 12 


Superglue can tackle metals and cling them in combination.

The glue is without doubt one of the most powerful you’ll be able to purchase.

Normally, it has bonds that temporarily cling fabrics like picket, plastic, steel, ceramic, and glass in combination when uncovered to air.

One function that makes it potent is the blank, shiny glance it leaves at the back of.

You’re going to no longer understand the glue simply after it has dried, although it could possibly additionally are compatible in joints.

The cyanoacrylate will carry out higher on some surfaces in comparison to others.

The bigger the skin house implies that you put extra of it for a less attackable end result.

That stated, placement is easy.

Direct the narrowed mouth to the realm of pastime and watch the glue temporarily turn out to be a company plastic.


12. Seize Glue

Akfix 310 Instant Grab Adhesive. Paintable. Adheres to Wood, Cocnrete, Glass, Granite, Decorative Tiles - White 10.1 fl oz

Akfix 310 Speedy Seize Adhesive. Paintable. Adheres to Wooden, Cocnrete, Glass, Granite, Ornamental Tiles – White 10.1 fl ounces 


Seize glues paintings smartly in house DIY tasks.

They aren’t distinctive glues by way of themselves, however the reality they require a meting out gun makes them other from the likes of stick and pen glues.

Probably the most commonplace packages of this kind of glue is in vertical ornament in properties.

This is as it has numerous power when dry.

You’re going to generally to find them in tasks involving skirting forums and picket paneling.

Every time having a look to shop for a seize glue, you’ll want to know the curing time of the fabric.

For tasks involving the vertical placement, you’ll want person who remedies a lot quicker.


13. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Clear Glue, 5.75 Ounce Bottle, Clear

Gorilla Transparent Glue, 5.75 Ounce Bottle, Transparent 


Gorilla glues are hybrid types of different standard family glues.

The branding means that they’re more potent and harder in no matter they cling than conventional glues of their magnificence.

On the other hand, the underlying subject matter used to lead them to isn’t that other from what you can to find in different standard glues.

However relating to conserving or solving pieces involving plastics, glass, picket, and a variety of home goods, they do a greater process than conventional glues.

Relating to utilization, the applying is very similar to craft glue.

That suggests you cling a bottle containing the glue stable on most sensible of the fabric you wish to have to mend and do the similar at the different floor and bond the 2.


14. PVA Glue

Books by Hand pH Neutral PVA Adhesive, 8oz (BBHM217)

Books by way of Hand pH Impartial PVA Adhesive, 8oz (BBHM217) 


PVA is useful for pieces that experience quite a few gaping holes.

You’ll be able to by no means to find it in smaller tubes like the ones that you’d craft or superglue.

Numerous development websites use the glue to hide MDF and plaster.

Because of this, available for purchase, they package deal the glue in massive tubes.

Flexibility makes it potent for its paintings, that means {that a} development employee can dilute it to paintings as a primer on concrete surfaces.

Despite the fact that the glue does no longer paintings smartly for picket surfaces, you’ll want a clamp to carry the picket in combination for some time for the glue to dry.


15. Touch Glue

Gorilla Clear Grip Waterproof Contact Adhesive, , 3 Ounce, Clear, (Pack of 2)

Gorilla Transparent Grip Water-resistant Touch Adhesive, , 3 Ounce, Transparent, (Pack of two) 


Touch glue works like spray glue.

On the other hand, you want to attach the 2 surfaces adequately that you wish to have to bond for the glue to remedy higher.

It really works with a slight paste on each surfaces.

Other touch glue variations have various adhesive functions.

Some dry sooner after software, whilst others will want a hand to stay the glued surfaces in combination as they dry.


16. Rubber Cement

Elmer's E904 Rubber Cement, Repositionable, 4 oz

Elmer’s E904 Rubber Cement, Repositionable, 4 ounces 


Rubber cement isn’t an bizarre glue to shop for and retailer in your house, and it turns on most effective when dry.

The general dry subject matter, which is the adhesive, has a rubbery really feel that provides it its title.

When purchasing for one, you’ll come throughout quite a few variants, so it’s crucial to understand your particular challenge earlier than selecting one at the shelf.

The composition of the glue contains polymers blended with the likes of hexane—a solvent.

The thick paste created is what is going to mend stuff or mend new ones in woodwork tasks.

Rubber cement has commercial makes use of for making ink for writing pens.

It additionally works smartly for one-off tasks that want a blank rub-off in a while.

For software, paste it on each surfaces that you wish to have to enroll in.


17. Glue Sticks

Elmer's Glue Stick (E579), Disappearing Purple, 12 Sticks

Elmer’s Glue Stick (E579), Disappearing Crimson, 12 Sticks 


Glue sticks are integral for babies when doing crafts and drawing.

They lend a hand cling in combination items of plastics and tubes to make inventive creations.

With the exception of youngsters the usage of them to craft, glue sticks can lend a hand round families and places of work by way of fastening items of paper or card sheets at the partitions.

The cylindrical-shaped frame that holds them has a mechanical equipment on the backside that, when turned around, exposes the adhesive segment on most sensible.

Conventional glue sticks are available quite a few colours, however all serve a an identical function.

Some glue sticks depart at the back of a blank end, useful for puts like open places of work and public spaces for sticking footage and cardboards.


18. Glue Pen

3-Pack - EK Tools 55-00010 Zig Memory System 2-Way Squeeze and Roll Glue Pen

3-Pack – EK Equipment 55-00010 Zig Reminiscence Device 2-Manner Squeeze and Roll Glue Pen 


Like glue sticks, glue pens paintings to revive torn gadgets by way of bonding them in combination.

They’ve a neat end this is clearer than the glue sticks.

Glue pens are available many shapes, which lend a hand satisfy more than one functions.

You’ll be able to have a thinner tip variant to suit into small holes and cracks.

The chisel-shaped lids can lend a hand goal an irregular-shaped crack or object to keep away from the spaces that would not have an adhesive.

The use of them is easy, too.

Merely hint out the skin that wishes the adhesive and produce it in conjunction with the opposite phase that has the glue already scribbled on it.

The 2 surfaces will keep company in combination quickly after as a result of glue pens dry temporarily.


19. Leather-based Glue

Aleene's15594 Leather & Suede Glue 4oz

Aleene’s15594 Leather-based & Suede Glue 4oz 


If in case you have attempted mending footwear earlier than with glue, then you almost certainly picked up a singular odor.

The odor is of leather-based glue that maintenance leather-based jackets, footwear, and luggage.

The glue is water resistant, making it best for treating leather-based.

It’s also versatile and dries temporarily to assist you to to make use of your leather-based merchandise temporarily.

The applying calls for a distinct spatula, picket or steel, which you dip right into a bottle of glue.

Cross the glue within the torn portions of your leather-based clothes.

That stated, search for a leather-based skilled for a cleaner end when you shouldn’t have earlier enjoy mending leather-based.


20. Cheesy Glue

Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, 16 fl oz - 3 Pack, Multi, 48

Aleene’s Unique Cheesy Glue, 16 fl ounces – 3 Pack, Multi, 48 


Cheesy glue is helping to fortify different varieties of bizarre house glues as a result of its power.

It has a greater cling on pieces than the typical college grade glue or craft glue.

Additionally, the glue is obvious and has a greater end to take a look at after it has dried.

It may bind papers and different gentle pieces on partitions and refrigerators simply.

On the other hand, not like bizarre college glue, it has many drawbacks.

Some chemical compositions in it are extremely lively lengthy after it has dried, that means it could possibly alternate colour when conserving some pieces in combination.

You’re going to no longer need to apply it to white surfaces or puts you can not have the funds for an unpleasant colour alternate.

But even so that, it reacts with the basicity and acidity composition of a few fabrics, as it isn’t impartial.

You must stay it clear of extremely reactive surfaces.

When implemented to glass or steel, it additionally peels away simply.

Its reactive nature and lack of ability to carry the glass and steel surfaces restrict the collection of pieces you’ll be able to bind in conjunction with the glue.

You must additionally learn the care package deal, because the glue may additionally lose its efficiency when stored underneath freezing level.

Past the cons, it’s simple to use on surfaces.

On the other hand, learn extra to grasp the place and when to manage the glue.


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