Unique Commander Legends: Fight For Baldur’s Gate Preview Card – Mind Devourer


The most recent Magic: The Collecting set is on its approach in simply a few weeks (prerelease begins every week from Friday, so move join occasions at your native recreation retailer). Commander Legends: Fight for Baldur’s Gate returns the sport to the atmosphere of Dungeons & Dragons and the Forgotten Nation-states, however because it says within the title, the set makes a speciality of the most important location in video video games in addition to tabletop adventures, Baldur’s Gate. Closing week, we posted a rundown of the set and its mechanics, so take a look at that tale to get the lowdown at the new and returning mechanics.

Wizards of the Coast has graciously allowed us to preview one of the vital playing cards coming with this set, and this creature would possibly need the entire big-brain performs you’ll muster. Check out Mind Devourer.

Artwork through Brian Valeza

This creepy fellow will do its absolute best to you’ll want to all the time have a play to make after slamming this 2/4 horror into play for 3B, and you do not even must dig thru your personal deck. Mind Devourer exiles a card from every opponent’s hand (of their opting for) till Mind Devourer leaves the battlefield. Then, you’ll play lands or spells from amongst the ones exiled playing cards and spend mana as regardless that it had been of any colour to forged them. You won’t get the most productive of what every participant is maintaining, however this creature can be offering lots of price to you in the best deck whilst changing into a significant annoyance to the remainder of the desk.

Artwork through Martina Fačková

Naturally, Mind Devourer suits into decks that care about enjoying spells you do not personal or keep watch over. Fight for Baldur’s Gate already has a perfect Commander for this theme with Tasha, the Witch Queen, a Planeswalker that rewards you with 3/3 fliers any time you forged anyone else’s spell. Tasha additionally steals spells from an opponent’s graveyard, which can paintings splendidly with Mind Devourer for the reason that spells exiled and forged with it are going immediately into its proprietor’s bin after you are completed with them. 

Artwork through Zack Stella

To stay the hand-stealing of Mind Devourer going robust for a couple of turns in a Tasha deck, would possibly I counsel a replica of Thassa, Deep Residing? Thassa can exile and go back as much as one creature you keep watch over to the battlefield (additionally beneath your keep watch over) on the finish of your flip. Blinking Mind Devourer on this approach necessarily refills your hand simply in time in your opponent’s turns. You’ll be able to additionally paintings some amusing political performs with allies through having them provide you with their removing spells, land drops, or creatures to forged that would receive advantages the truce you have constructed. Watch out with Thassa’s blinking, regardless that, as Mind Devourer in particular says it exiles playing cards till it leaves the battlefield, which means as soon as Mind Devourer is blinked through Thassa, the ones stolen playing cards return to the landlord’s fingers in the event that they were not used. You’ll want to’ve performed and forged up to conceivable earlier than restocking your provide of swiped spells.

The ones are simply a few use circumstances for this brainy horror that is certain to reason some frustration in any Commander playgroup if utilized in the best approach. You probably have any devious concepts on learn how to use Mind Devourer to its fullest, let me know within the feedback under. 

Commander Legends: Fight for Baldur’s Gate is a completely draftable Commander-focused set that releases in paper on June 10, with prerelease occasions beginning on June 3 at collaborating WPN recreation retail outlets. If you are having a look to play digitally, Fight for Baldur’s Gate may also be drafted on Magic On-line on June 10, whilst MTG Enviornment can even get in at the Baldur’s Gate amusing with an injection of playing cards within the Alchemy and Ancient codecs on July 7.


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