Pfizer CEO at Davos Brags About New Tablet with Chip That Will Ship Sign to Government that It is Been Ingested


Pfizer CEO who made tens of millions pushing COVID vaccines is now fascinated about a tablet with a chip that sends indicators to government that the tablet has been ingested. 

Those persons are horrifying monsters.

Pfizer’s CEO spoke a couple of tablet that guarantees compliance at Davos this week.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla inspired the target market on the International Financial Discussion board in Davos this week with ideas of ingestible pc chips that notify government when a drugs has been digested. Almost definitely, he will have forgotten he used to be on digital camera.

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“This can be a, mainly organic chip this is within the pill. And when we take the pill and dissolves into the tummy, sends a sign that you simply took the desk. So believe the programs of that – the compliance. The insurance coverage firms know that the drugs sufferers must take, they take them.

Pfizer’s defenders joined in, suggesting that Bourla’s futuristic pitch might be utilized in “explicit” prerequisites reminiscent of “schizophrenia and cancers” to make sure compliance.

Those similar monsters stated that the shutdowns and mandates have been essential and mask have been helpful.

What may be able to move improper with a tablet like this?


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