The ‘Nintendo Technology’ Have Susceptible Skeletons, Says Military Weirdo


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Previous nowadays, a press unencumber dropped on a Pentagon information provider’s website online titled Why As of late’s ‘Gen Z’ is at Chance for Boot Camp Accidents. It is extremely humorous.

You’ll learn it right here if you happen to’d like (thank you Vice), however the gist is {that a} unmarried dude from the United States Military, a “scientific coordinator and leader of the clinical readiness provider line at Fortress Leonard Picket in Missouri”, has some considerations in regards to the bodily readiness of recent recruits elderly 18-25.

“The ‘Nintendo Technology’ soldier skeleton isn’t toughened via task previous to arrival, so a few of them spoil extra simply”, says Main Jon-Marc Thibodeau, a person ready to each communicate all the way down to a era of children coming off two years of pandemic lockdowns/isolation whilst additionally concurrently complicated them with the true ‘Nintendo Technology’, people who find themselves now into their 40s.

He after all doesn’t imply their complete skeletons spoil. That will be loopy. As a substitute he’s referring merely to sure portions in their skeletons, like fractures from falls and rigidity fractures, with maximum accidents coming about thru “overuse” and affecting the “decrease extremities”.

The clicking unencumber itself is similarly condescending, announcing stuff like “As of late’s recruits are coming from a much more sedentary way of life in comparison to earlier generations, making their skeletons extra liable to accidents as a result of they’re now not used to the type of intense task they’ll face at elementary coaching.”

I mentioned this was once humorous up best as a result of a) this guy certain does communicate/care so much in regards to the skeletons nonetheless inside of residing other people, which is bizarre, and b) it is a story as outdated as time, and it’s hilarious to me that militaries and governments proceed to be stunned via the deficient usual of recruits once they, higher than someone else, will have to have the ability to gauge the well being of the broader society through which they’re part of, and particularly those that they’re possibly to be interesting to with recruitment pitches!

There are data of militaries complaining in regards to the shitty high quality of recruits from way back to we’ve were given army data. Whether or not it’s medieval levies drawn from malnourished peasants to the dire bodily well being of First International Battle draftees who had grown up in industrialised ghettoes, this isn’t a brand new factor nor a brand new criticism, and blaming those recruits’ bodily “weak spot” on superficial leisure pastimes, relatively than the broader socio-economic programs that experience led so far within the first position, is named “doing all your task very badly”.

In case your present coaching program is actually breaking other people’s legs, and your sole task is to coach no matter comes within the door, perhaps…trade your coaching program?


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