Jen Psaki Calls Out Traitor Trump For Putin Reward


White Space Press Secretary Jen Psaki referred to as out Trump for praising Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, opposing sanctions, and supporting Russia.


Psaki mentioned when requested to answer Trump’s gushing reward for Putin invading Ukraine:

As an issue of coverage, we attempt to not take recommendation from any person who praises President Putin, and his army technique, which I consider is what took place there, expresses an openness to lifting sanctions in regards to the seizing of territory in Crimea or has at any cut-off date advised the G7 that Crimea is a part of Russia regardless if they’re a former president, so that could be a little bit of a distinct tactic, a bit of of various means and that’s most definitely why President Biden, and no longer his predecessor used to be ready to rally the sector and the worldwide neighborhood in taking steps towards Russia’s aggression.

Shorter Jen Psaki: we don’t take recommendation from Putin supporting traitors although they’re former presidents.

Psaki laid it out well. Trump has all the time been towards america and on Putin’s aspect, so what he has to mention in regards to the present disaster way not anything to the Biden White Space.

Trump has betrayed his nation for years, possibly a long time. The one distinction is that during 2022, he’s a lot more open about the place his loyalties are.


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