18 Extremely Inventive Hen Coop Concepts


We accrued one of the vital hippest and extra ingenious hen coop concepts to assist encourage your hen coop construction. Those concepts gets your wheels turning on making a really stunning hen coop.


Growing an ideal hen coop in your flock and lifestyles may also be difficult. So I accrued up some inspiration that we used to create our hen coop and gave us most of the concepts for what we would have liked in our personal coop. This checklist of 18 ingenious hen coop concepts will have to encourage you throughout the procedure of constructing or updating your coop in your yard chickens.

Despite the fact that you will have to make sure to know the fundamental wishes when designing your coop, you’ll reference our checklist of How To Construct The Absolute best Hen Coop if you wish to have that. Then use this checklist under to outline the entire portions of the coop in relation to design and serve as.

18 Extremely Inventive Hen Coop Concepts

1. Our personal DIY Hen Coop

Our own DIY Chicken Coop

When it got here to designing and construction our very personal hen coop, crucial factor that we did was once analysis.

Even if we knew we would have liked a easy hen coop, we would have liked to get it proper, so we checked out numerous hen coop concepts and designs ahead of we made up our minds how our hen coop would glance.

When you find yourself researching designs in your DIY hen coop it’s a very powerful to take into accounts how it’s going to be used.

For ours, we deliberate on maintaining round 10-15 chickens and we would have liked to make it as simple as imaginable to control.

We additionally wanted a hen coop that secure our chickens from the lengthy chilly winters in addition to from predators in our space.

Oh and naturally to appear great and mix in with the environment and the primary area.

So we opted for a easy nice sized coop construction with cupboard space for provides and simply obtainable nesting containers. And a tight run space that, importantly for us, is roofed with a robust roof, to present the chickens colour in summer time and coverage from snow in wintry weather.

And we buried the cord across the run a foot underground or even set it in concrete for added coverage from predators.

The stand-out function of our hen coop is a get up function. We constructed it with sufficient headroom as we didn’t wish to be bending over and crawling round in it. This makes a large distinction so we’re actually happy we opted for that during our personal hen coop.

Even though the design is inconspicuous we predict it nonetheless appears nice, due in no small section to the number of Pewter Inexperienced paint for the outside of the hen coop.

2. Farmhouse Taste Hen Coop

A hen coop that is similar with our personal hen coop is that this farmhouse-style hen coop from Twelve on Major.

Like ours, this can be a massive easy design that has sufficient headroom to get up inside of, in addition to having doorways which can be prime sufficient to keep away from banging your head when going out and in of the coop. And a big run space.

They actually have a good-sized garage space included within the hen coop construction, even including sufficient room to retailer provides for his or her different animals.

This hen coop is designed and inbuilt a T-shape, with the run constructed at 90 levels to the hen coop which is helping give it the Farmhouse glance. Different touches that create the Farmhouse genre are the usage of a corrugated roof and the addition of a Dutch door. The minimum white paint finishes it off effectively.

One of the hen coop concepts we like on this design are:

  • The cut up opening of the Dutch door. Seems to be nice, is helping with air flow, prevents get admission to to ‘undesirable guests
  • They’ve re-used fabrics up to imaginable
  • A raised platform underneath the roosting bar. ‘Catches’ poop the place the chickens poop probably the most, making cleanup a lot more straightforward
  • Sun lighting fixtures for self-sufficient lighting fixtures that is going on routinely in darkness. If you’re making plans to make use of solar power answers, chances are you’ll wish to touch a industrial sun panel set up provider or consult with Nexamp to be informed extra how solar power allow you to and your group.
  • Huge home windows located to maximise the solar with openings coated in cord. Supplies herbal heat and all-important air flow whilst maintaining chickens secure.
  • Nesting containers with simple inside of get admission to to get the entirety achieved from one position

3. Distinctive Hen Coop in California

This Californian couple constructed a singular hen coop utilizing naturally sturdy cedar for the construction and transparent panels and mesh within the partitions to present it a mild and ethereal greenhouse glance.

Extra hen coop concepts from this ingenious couple are:

  • The usage of crops provides to its attraction. Grapevine hiking up the construction and low-level herbs across the borders
  • Cedar is of course immune to rot and bugs, and gained’t warp
  • Selection of a particular gravel, Hanley Gold on this case, for its colour
  • Addition of a giant fenced free-range space in addition to coated run
  • Transparent wall panels make construction much less intrusive

4. A Easy DIY Hen Coop

If you’re pondering of a smaller hen coop that also appears nice then this hen coop from Woodshop Mike may just fit you.

This one was once constructed offsite in a certified workshop with plenty of energy gear but when you would like take it on your self it’s easy sufficient to be a DIY hen coop.

As this can be a smaller hen coop it has an external nesting field which saves on inside area, in addition to makes it simple to assemble eggs.

We love the arched door in this design and the usage of shingles at the roof makes it seem like a mini house.

A advantage of the smaller design is that you’ll set up the shingles at the roof panels at floor point ahead of lifting them into position.

A nice hen coop concept that pops up once more here’s to watch out you don’t get locked on your new hen coop! That’s for sure a good suggestion.

It’s not unusual to make use of a gate latch at the doorways however they do lock at the back of you. Ideas are to have a block of wooden to forestall the door from remaining whilst you pass in, despite the fact that you do possibility chickens operating out, or a work of cord in an effort to lift the latch from the interior.

5. Rustic Farmhouse Hen Coop

This rustic hen coop from Cottonwood Shanty proves that up-cycling and re-using fabrics don’t imply you sacrifice appears. As a result of it’s their use of previous doorways and herbal fabrics that give this hen coop its rustic farmhouse attraction.

They re-cycled an previous display screen door for the run access door and used a coarse and worn door for the coop.

An extended tree department serves because the roosting bar, bettering the country, herbal glance.

Any other great hen coop thought to take from this one is including crops to the run, particularly ones that chickens gained’t consume.

The addition of external wall lighting fixtures and a few crops on the front finishes it off actually effectively making it glance slightly homely. There are some satisfied chickens there.

6. Easy Package Hen Coop

In the event you would favor a ready-made equipment and don’t have a lot area then this cleverly designed hen coop equipment from Williams Sonoma might be what you’re in search of. It even has the good addition of a integrated planter field.

The distance-efficient design of this hen coop has the run utterly beneath the coop construction so it has a actually small footprint. Even though its dimension does imply that it’s simplest actually appropriate for round 4 chickens, however this can be all you wish to have you probably have restricted area.

Despite the fact that this hen coop isn’t best for you, the space-saving design and a integrated planter are nice hen coop concepts to remove.

7. HGTV  Hen Coop

The very first thing that moves you about this HGTV hen coop is its pretty, hanging deep purple colour contrasting with the white. Even though you don’t have to color it the similar colour it does display how the number of colour transforms a hen coop.

Those plans are for a compact all-in-one design with the run in part underneath the henhouse, an external nesting field and an exquisite flower field underneath the window.

8. Trendy Hen Coop Plans

Now we pass in a fully other route, from conventional attraction the entire far more than to a contemporary, architect-designed glance. This attention-grabbing design could be very other from the standard thought of a hen coop however may just sit down completely to your assets.

We like the slatted design of the partitions which permits for air flow and a pleasant combine of sunshine and colour for the chickens.

We will image this hen coop along a contemporary genre house in hotter areas as this design would fit your own home in addition to give the chickens various colour from the recent solar.

9. Trendy Farmer Hen Coop Plans

Trendy Farmer supplies a actually helpful define of easy methods to construct a hen coop, which you’ll customise how you wish to have, in addition to offering some useful ‘specs’ for any hen coop.

Those are:

  • Roosting bar duration –  8 inches in line with chook
  • Nesting containers – 1 field for 4 chickens
  • Enclosed space – raised by way of 2 toes
  • Inside of area – minimal 2 to three sq. toes in line with hen
  • External area – minimal 4 to five sq. toes in line with hen
  • Water – position 6-8 inches above the bottom
  • Picket – use cedar or redwood as drive handled trees is dangerous for chickens

Those helpful tips will allow you to plan the dimensions of your hen coop.

Our favourite hen coop thought from Trendy Farmer is to, if imaginable, construct the hen coop underneath a deciduous tree because it supplies colour in the summertime however we could the solar thru when the entire leaves drop in wintry weather.

10. Construction a Easy Small Hen Coop

We’re actually inspired by way of this straightforward however suave hen coop design that contains the entirety into one oblong 5 toes by way of 12 toes construction.

It’s in impact the framework of a shed-type construction with the coated inside area and nesting containers integrated and raised up at one finish.

Great touches come with round get admission to holes to the nesting containers for the chickens to stay them cosy and comfortable.

However our favourite one in every of their hen coop concepts is a handy integrated garage compartment above the nesting containers with an external get admission to hatch for speedy and simple get admission to.

11. Unbound Roots Hen Coop Plans

Like us, if you happen to reside someplace with harsh winters, then this design at Unbound Roots may fit you as they have got constructed ground and wall insulation into their hen coop to offer protection to their brood from Minnesota winters.

The spectacular construction appears extra like a small solid block than a hen coop. And so they even have selected a hanging purple and white colour scheme for his or her hen’s house.

Their re-purposing might be arduous to overcome – utilizing forums and a door from their circle of relatives’s 1884 farmhouse!

And for more straightforward cleansing they laid a laminate ground over the bottom, saving cash by way of utilizing a remnant piece.

Any other money-saving thought was once utilizing elementary, top-hinged home windows.

Our favourite hen coop concepts from Unbound Roots are having an extra-wide door into the run to permit get admission to with a wheelbarrow, and sloping the roofs of the nesting containers to forestall the chickens from roosting there and making a multitude in a clumsy space.

12. Tractor Provide Unfastened Hen Coop Plans

The parents at Tractor Provide Corporate have put in combination some nice recommendation and concepts for hen coops.

They convey up the potential for a portable hen coop so you’ll use other portions of land, maintaining your own home recent for you and the chickens. This sort of hen coop is referred to as a hen tractor.

Like others, additionally they emphasize the significance of ample area in line with hen as extra space manner much less aggression and less issues together with your brood.

A pleasing idea they carry up is pondering of your neighbors on your design, if they’re shut sufficient to peer your hen coop clearly.

In spite of everything, we love their advice of re-using an current construction like a kennel or shed and re-configure it as a hen coop.

13. Black Trendy Huge Yard Coop

We love this compact city hen coop for its suave use of area and elegant black glance that sits neatly in an city atmosphere.

They’ve included some at hand garage areas of their design and suave edges to their nesting containers which may also be slid up out of the way in which for more straightforward cleansing.

The overall contact that we love is the additional display screen doorways at the back of the cast doorways. The hen coop is on the subject of their house so they may be able to revel in staring at their ladies from the living room.

14. A Stroll-in Two Tale Coop

Right here’s some other instance of a smaller hen coop appropriate for an city house. On the other hand, this one is a in the community bought equipment. It has a distinct form of design with the primary construction being the central run space and the internal area being hooked up externally on all sides.

You could like this form of hen coop if you’ll see it becoming in neatly with the way of your own home.

15. A Sublime Trendy Coop

You need to be forgiven for mistaking this fabulous hen coop for a sumptuous visitor area or elegant pool area, however no, it actually is a hen coop!

The photographs talk for themselves in this one. A really top-end hen coop to pamper your chickens. And almost certainly upload important worth to your own home!

16. Cottage Taste Hen Coop

My Puppy Hen provide this small 4’-4” by way of 6’-4” hen coop. It can be small however it is only the internal space in your chickens so you’ll construct a run space hooked up to it for an affordable total dimension.

This cottage-style hen coop is constructed by way of the Amish in Pennsylvania so you’ll be confident of the standard of expertise, and it comes with plenty of customizable choices.

17. Easy Small Hen Coop Plans

If you’re in search of a taller genre of hen coop then those plans from The Brown Shed come up with simply that – a easy barn-like construction with an arched door and ethereal run space.

18. Small Yard Coop

Our ultimate instance to come up with some inspiration for hen coop concepts is that this pretty yard coop. It’s some other instance that’s appropriate for smaller areas nevertheless it makes up for its dimension with its appears.

A ravishing instance that resembles a standard dove area that any hen would feel free to name house.


Those hen coop concepts are one of the vital best possible concepts and will have to encourage various stunning and modern-looking coops that accommodate your yard chickens. 

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