Video: Pokémon Japan’s New ASMR Recipe Sequence Options A Sulky Jigglypuff


The Jap YouTube channel for Pokémon is a treasure trove of top quality animation, and their newest movies — that have a focal point on ASMR-adjacent recipes within the day-to-day lifetime of a man who lives with Pokémon — are an absolute satisfaction.

Episode One has Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Psyduck having adventures round the home, whilst their Pokémon-obsessed proprietor makes an Eevee latte, Pikachu choux pastry, and later, when Jigglypuff will get unhappy about being not noted, some Jigglypuff cream puffs.

Episode Two alternatives up on Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Charmander, and Psyduck enjoying catch within the lawn, whilst their proprietor alternatives strawberries. Jigglypuff will get hit at the head, and has somewhat cry, nevertheless it all works out k when their proprietor makes a ton of custard tarts, pizza, and what looks as if ube mochi. Can Pokémon devour human meals? Or are all the ones goodies for him?

We must additionally inform you that if you do not like squelchy rainy meals noises, you’ll completely hate those movies. ASMR does not paintings for everybody, in any case. However it is price staring at the bits with the Pokémon, as a result of an afternoon within the lifetime of a global the place Pokémon are actual and mundane is in fact very candy.


Which Pokémon would you’ve gotten as a puppy? Let us know within the feedback!


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