Leftists Call for A Boycott Of Walgreens After Being Precipitated Via Donations To Republicans


It’s admittedly onerous to stay alongside of who the left is mad at on any given day. However recently, the objective in their pearl clutching is pharmacy chain large Walgreens. A snappy perusal of social media will in finding that the hashtag “#BoycottWalgreens” is trending.

Why? After the January 6 insurrection on the Capitol, Walgreens had promised to droop marketing campaign donations to Republicans who had hostile the certification of the election that made Joe Biden President. 

However Walgreens has resumed its political donations, together with to these GOP lawmakers the left has dubbed “the Sedition Caucus.” 

And for that crime, social media goes berserk with calls for to “boycott” the corporate.

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What Occurs When The Left Doesn’t Get Their Means

Conservative writer and creator P.J. O’Rourke, who lately passed on to the great beyond, as soon as gave the very best definition of liberalism: “On the core of liberalism is the spoiled kid – depressing, as all spoiled kids are, unhappy, not easy, ill-disciplined, despotic and needless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.” 

Because the left discovered that Walgreens will now not cater to their calls for and ill-discipline, this is when the melodramatic tweets start to seem.

Others determined to depart mother’s basement for a couple of further mins extra and pass to some other pharmacy, as a result of… democracy!

However in the long run, all of us comprehend it’s Donald Trump’s fault.

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Conservatives Have Lots Of Amusing At Lefties’ Expense

Whilst the left had their meltdown of the day, it virtually appeared like conservatives have been having simply as just right a time poking amusing at selective liberal righteous indignation. The topic of looting, or the possibility of the loss of it, used to be a well-liked subject.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio introduced up the truth that having fewer woke Marxists within the retailer might imply a couple of much less tasks for Walgreens workers.

It is usually a widely known undeniable fact that liberals, nicely they prefer to be well-rested for boycotts. However as soon as they’re, they’re greater than able to throw themselves right into a just right boycott.

Some identified the truth that it can be more straightforward to select up some chilly drugs.

However as compassionate conservatives, some may just now not assist however glance out for the nicely being in their liberal brethren.


And a few simply wanted a little bit rationalization at the entire boycott/looting procedure.

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Selective Outrage As Standard

In October of 2021, Walgreens introduced that it might shut 5 extra shops along with the more or less 10 shops it had closed because the get started of 2019. The chain cites the uptick in arranged robbery. 

Walgreens and chains like them don’t have any scarcity of video appearing huge teams of other folks wearing armfuls of products, continuously in large sunlight out of the shop with out a intervention through safety or legislation enforcement:

Conservative actor and director Nick Searcy tweeted what many others did as nicely. They have been off to their nearest Walgreens to shop for stuff, Simply to tick off some lefties.

Come to think about it, now not a nasty concept. There are at all times some nice reasonably priced reveals on the Walgreens make up counter, depend me in!


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