Future 2: The Witch Queen: The tale main as much as the growth


Future 2: The Witch Queen is just about right here, and it guarantees to be probably the most largest expansions the sport has ever noticed. However not like with Future’s different expansions, a large draw for The Witch Queen is its tale. No longer simplest has Bungie been running to enhance the Future universe over the last few years, however this could also be a follow-up to The Taken King — the 2015 enlargement to the unique Future, and one who avid gamers nonetheless reward for its tale.

So what do you wish to have to understand earlier than you dive into The Witch Queen’s marketing campaign? What the hell is a Savathun? A Throne Global? A Caiatl? Possibly even what’s a Dad or mum? We’re going to organize you for this new journey by means of simplest telling you the necessary stuff. And we’re going to do it in fewer than 1,500 phrases.

Savathun’s starting place tale

Savathun, the Witch Queen, from Destiny 2

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Savathun is The Witch Queen’s titular monarch, so working out her historical past goes to be key to the growth. Let’s get started with what the Books of Sorrow lined within the authentic Future.

Lengthy earlier than the Traveler (a mysterious orb powered by means of Mild, which we’ll get to later) got here to Earth, it sat above an oceanic gasoline large planet known as Fundament. On Fundament lived a couple of factions of what we name the Proto-Hive, together with Savathun’s circle of relatives. Her father was once the Osmium King, and he had 3 daughters who had been (on the time) referred to as Aurash, Sathona, and Xi Ro.

By means of talking to a white bug acquainted, the Osmium King came upon that the 52 moons of Fundament had been lining up, and would sooner or later create a “God Wave” that will wipe out all existence in the world. However being 10 years outdated (the tip of the Proto-Hive’s lifespan), he was once too outdated to do anything else about it.

Fearing that the king’s youngsters had been too susceptible to ascend the throne after his loss of life, the daughters’ trainer, Taox, betrayed the circle of relatives and led an attack at the Osmium King’s house. The daughters fled onto the sea, taking the bug conversant in them. And thus started the hunt to forestall the God Wave.

After the usage of a unique send to dive into Fundament, the daughters encountered the Malicious program Gods, who’d been calling out in the course of the Osmium King’s acquainted. The daughters made a pact with the worms, taking the creature’s offspring into them and the remainder of the Proto-Hive on Fundament. Those worms gave their hosts permanent existence and super energy. But when the daughters or their brood ever stopped killing, the worms would eat them.

The worms reworked the Proto-Hive into the Hive enemy faction that Guardians face lately. Aurash changed into Auryx after which Oryx, the brand new king (converting his intercourse to male). Sathona changed into Savathun, a “Mom.” And Xi Ro changed into Xivu Arath, a Knight. The 3 escaped Fundament with the Malicious program Gods and an entire host of Hive. The siblings blame the Traveler for the God Wave, and so they’ve been making an attempt to devour its Mild ever since.

The Traveler, Ghosts, and Guardians

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Years later, people sooner or later came upon the Traveler hiding within the Sol device. It granted people a golden age that larger their technical prowess. However centuries later, the Darkness discovered the Traveler and attacked. Prior to the Traveler may just flee, a human-made AI named Rasputin allegedly shot it down, stranding it on Earth.

Broken and wanting defenders for its new house right through this new duration of Darkness (referred to as the Cave in), the Traveler launched Ghosts: small, dronelike creatures that elevate one of the most Traveler’s Mild. Ghosts scour the device to search out an excellent Dad or mum to pair with: a useless human, Awoken (mutated house people), or Exo (a robotic with a human thoughts). The usage of the Mild, the Ghosts shape a bond with a useless frame they deem worthy (their Dad or mum), elevating it to existence and imbuing it with superpowers.

Each and every Dad or mum simplest has one Ghost, and if the Ghost is destroyed, they’ll lose their Mild. But when the Dad or mum is killed and the Ghost survives, it will possibly resurrect the Dad or mum again and again. That’s how avid gamers canonically respawn in Future.

The unique Future and Throne Worlds

destiny taken king

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The unique Future tells slightly of a scattered tale about an alien race known as the Vex (time-traveling robots) and an interesting location known as the Black Lawn. That most probably gained’t be necessary to the tale in The Witch Queen, so we’re going to transport previous it.

What you wish to have to understand from Future is that Guardians killed a Hive God named Crota in The Darkish Underneath enlargement, and he simply took place to be the son of Oryx. In The Taken King, Oryx got here to hunt revenge. Within the opening combat, he “killed” Queen Mara Sov of the Reef and despatched her brother, Uldren Sov, crashing into a close-by planet.

The Guardians infiltrated Oryx’s Dreadnaught send and killed him. However as a substitute of loss of life, Oryx went to his Throne Global.

Throne Worlds are pocket dimensions reserved for terribly robust beings like Oryx, Savathun, and Xivu Arath. (Mara Sov additionally has one, however she wanted for it from a magic dragon named Riven, so it doesn’t utterly depend.) Throne Worlds are created within the proprietor’s likeness, and when a Throne Global’s proprietor dies in actual existence, they’re resurrected of their Throne Global earlier than sooner or later making it again to the actual global.

The one option to kill a creature who has a Throne Global is to kill them throughout the Throne Global itself. The King’s Fall raid from The Taken King noticed a bunch of Guardians just do that: They infiltrated Oryx’s Throne Global and killed him for excellent.

Future 2’s pre-Witch Queen expansions

Shadebinder Warlock with their ice staff in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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The Purple Conflict marketing campaign in Future 2 noticed a war-focused race known as the Cabal assault Earth and seal off the Traveler’s Mild, inflicting Guardians to in brief lose their powers. The Dad or mum Leading edge (the management of the Remaining Town) repelled the Cabal forces and reclaimed the Mild. Within the Leviathan raid, avid gamers proved themselves to the Cabal’s lavish ex-emperor, Calus, who’s obsessive about the Darkness.

Within the Forsaken enlargement, Uldren Sov returned, and killed the cherished Hunter Leading edge Cayde-6 and his Ghost. The Guardians sought revenge for Cayde, and chased Uldren to the gates of the Awoken house global of the Dreaming Town. It was once then published that Uldren, who were in search of his sister all the time, was once not anything however a pawn of Riven (who in flip was once a pawn of Savathun). Avid gamers defeated Riven within the raid known as The Remaining Want.

Within the Shadowkeep enlargement, Guardians returned to Earth’s moon and came upon a Pyramid Send (the Traveler’s identical, however for the Darkness). A yr later, an armada of those Pyramid Ships confirmed up within the Sol device and wolfed whole in-game places, together with Mars.

Round this similar time, Guardians went to Europa right through the Past Mild enlargement to forestall the chief of a race of enemies referred to as the Fallen — scavengers who lived with the Traveler earlier than it deserted them. Avid gamers came upon a shard of Darkness there, and had been granted new Darkness powers: Stasis.

The yr main as much as The Witch Queen

Destiny 2 characters stand on the Tower

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In Season of the Hunt, a well-known Warlock named Osiris misplaced his Ghost and due to this fact his Mild. A Hive Knight nearly killed Osiris, however a brand new Dad or mum stored him: Crow. Regardless of being a brand new hero, Crow’s face was once acquainted. He’s if truth be told Uldren Sov, returned to existence as a Dad or mum.

When Guardians are created, they have got no recollection or wisdom in their former lives. However as a result of different characters known Uldren as the person who killed Cayde-6, he was once hated and refrained from. Avid gamers rescued Crow from an underground gangster referred to as Spider (who had boobytrapped Crow’s Ghost with a view to enslave the brand new Dad or mum), and the Mild-less Osiris took him below his wing.

Throughout this season, Guardians repelled Xivu Arath’s forces from The Dreaming Town.

In Season of the Selected, Caiatl, daughter of Calus, confirmed as much as be offering the Leading edge a deal: The Cabal would assist repel the Pyramid Ships if the Leading edge swore fealty. Commander Zavala — the Titan Leading edge — stated no, and the Guardians spent the season proving their price to the Cabal empress. A rogue faction of Caiatl’s team tried to assassinate Zavala, however Crow stored the day, revealing his true id. He was once approved into the fold, and Caital allied herself with the Tower and its Guardians.

A different challenge on this season additionally informed the tale of ways Calus was once ate up by means of the Darkness, and published that no person is aware of the place he’s anymore.

In Season of the Splicer, the Vex plunged the Tower and the Remaining Town into unending evening. A sect of Fallen known as the Space of Mild, led by means of a pleasant captain named Mithrax, additionally sought safe haven from the Vex within the Remaining Town. Some leaders weren’t ok with having the Fallen so shut, together with famed Titan (and Osiris’ boyfriend) Saint-14, and an Exo named Lakshmi-2. Saint sooner or later noticed the nice within the Fallen, however Lakshmi became town towards them, and was once manipulated by means of Savathun into opening a Vex gate within the Space of Mild’s dwelling quarters. The Guardians, Saint-14, and the Fallen banded in combination to save lots of town, and Lakshmi-2 was once killed by means of the Vex.

In Season of the Misplaced, Osiris went rogue, and Mara Sov (again from her Throne Global), Saint-14, Crow, and the Dad or mum chased him into the Dreaming Town. Savathun then published that she’d been impersonating Osiris since Season of the Hunt. She trapped herself in an enormous crystal and struck a discount: If Mara and the Dad or mum helped her exorcise the bug from her frame, Savathun would go back the actual Osiris unhurt.

Whilst running to perform this, Savathun “talented” all of Uldren’s recollections to Crow, which brought about him to freak out and depart the Remaining Town. Within the season’s ultimate challenge, Mara and her witches got rid of Savathun’s bug. Prior to Mara may just kill Savathun, the Witch Queen disappeared, however no longer earlier than making excellent on her promise, leaving a comatose Osiris at the back of.

Questions to remember right through The Witch Queen

Destiny 2 - three Guardians fighting a Cabal leader

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Now you’re all stuck up with the abridged Future tale. However as you cross into The Witch Queen’s marketing campaign, listed below are some concepts to stay on the entrance of your thoughts, and questions to invite:

  • A part of the brand new enlargement’s tale is how Savathun steals the Mild and turns into a Hive Dad or mum. If the Traveler is the person who creates Ghosts, and Ghosts decide who’s “worthy” to grow to be a Dad or mum, how did she do that?
  • The Cabal confirmed off Mild-suppressing generation in Season of the Selected and the Purple Conflict marketing campaign. Is that how we’ll beat Savathun?
  • How has Mars returned after being wolfed by means of the Darkness?
  • There’s a Pyramid send in Savathun’s Throne Global (the place the raid will happen). How did it get there, and why is she retaining it round?
  • Future 2 has all the time portrayed its global as Mild = excellent and Darkness = dangerous. However is that if truth be told the case?
  • The place do the Traveler and the Darkness come from?

With those questions and your newfound wisdom of Savathun’s tale, you’re formally able for The Witch Queen marketing campaign, coming to Future 2 on Feb. 22.


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