Boulevard Fighter 6 Formally Introduced With Debut Ryu Trailer


A close-up of Ryu's foot in a sandal.

Ryu wears straw tie-on Jap sandals.
Screenshot: Capcom/Ian Walker/Kotaku

Capcom’s countdown web page has ended and has introduced Boulevard Fighter 6. The debut teaser trailer displays some close-ups of a bearded Ryu’s muscle tissues and sweaty frame—in addition to his foot-wearing sandal.

And who doesn’t like Sizzling Ryu? And a few Ryu Sandal Foot?

Boulevard Fighter 6 used to be first published within the ransomware assault again in past due 2020. The sport lately does now not have a free up date or formally introduced platforms. We do know that former Capcom staffer Yusuke Hashimoto, who used to be additionally up to now at Platinum Video games the place he directed Bayonetta 2, is likely one of the designers at the upcoming Boulevard Fighter.

You’ll watch the debut teaser trailer under wherein Ryu faces off in opposition to Luke:

Mildly observant lovers will understand that during different Boulevard Fighter video games, Ryu is barefoot. However now within the sport’s 6th mainline access, he has sandals. Growth!

That is if truth be told relatively of a large deal, as a result of barefoot Ryu has been relatively of a factor. Right here’s the Boulevard Fighter Wiki’s roundup at the persona’s stance on sneakers:

In accordance to a couple of his Boulevard Fighter IV win quotes, Ryu can have enough money sneakers, however prefers strolling barefoot (perhaps for convenience).

In UDON’s comics, whilst tutoring and serving to Sakura, Ryu brushes upon this topic as neatly, announcing that touring barefoot is useful in development one’s persona.

Moreover, within the English model of Boulevard Fighter X Tekken, his win quote in opposition to Man finds that he considers the speculation of rethinking his stance on sneakers.

(You’ll learn the remainder of the Wiki proper right here.)

Now, Ryu did put on crimson sneakers within the first Boulevard Fighter sport, so he’s now not totally antagonistic to the idea that of them.

Perhaps he has simply been looking ahead to a just right pair of sandals. And now, he’s discovered them. What different Ryu persona building does Boulevard Fighter 6 grasp? We’ll have to attend till on every occasion the sport drops.


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